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handwriting recognition

for me, handwriting recognition is an essential part of the newton experience. i've tried using graffiti, first on my OMP and later on a pilot, and it just doesn't compete with the mp2k series hwr.

so i'd like to have hwr on the GNUton. i've trawled the net, and here's the results of my investigations so far:

seems ok, but there's no source code?





CMU/Univerity of Karlsruhe
the goals here look good ...

Nijmegen University

Nottingham Trent Uni
these guys don't appear to have done much recently, and their papers from 1997 aren't available online.

they do run a mailing list though -- SCRIB-L

a Unix API for hwr, with a simple (?) mechanism implemented as a demonstration. i'll be playing with this shortly.

University of Maryland
seems to be mostly OCR-related

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